B I T S + P I E C E S

This weekend my parents were in town. We had so much fun introducing them to Gretchen and seeing how she interacts with them. She's not too partial to strangers and we're trying to get her used to being around people, because well, we're usually around people! She's warming up to the idea, but mostly just prefers to be cuddled on the couch. Which we do often. Despite the busyness, I managed to work in a few diys, sip some tea and get her a cute new name tag! We're fairly certain her color is red; it brings out her fur, ha! I rarely say this, but I'm pretty stoked it's Monday! I think it's going to be a good week and I ca't wait for April! 

xo. melisa


  1. Gretchen is so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! We recently got a doxie puppy and almost name her Gretchen (after Gretchen Wieners) as well. :P In the end we decided on 'Ellie'. :D Feel free to pop by my blog if you want to see some, err a lot, of cute dachshund pictures. ;) I found you through Dana's blog and am now following via bloglovin'. :)

    Felicity xx

  3. Man. I was reading this and loving you and then I realized you are A Queer Chick! Even more love! I hope this becomes a regular column.
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