W E A R :: blushing through

details :: dress/forever21, belt/urban outfitters, leggings/pink, boots/vince camuto

Lately I've been trying to wear less makeup. I've always been one who enjoys wearing it and always thought of myself as the kind of girl who wore it for fun and not out of necessity. As I've gotten older, I've realized that I lean on it a bit more than I let myself believe. I found that I could rarely walk out the door without putting eyeliner on. I have circles under my eyes and it's probably the one thing on my face that I am most self conscious about. Anytime I don't wear eyeliner, I feel like there's this giant lit up sign over my head saying "tired!" I seriously think I look wiped if I don't have any on. SO, in an attempt to be more secure in my own skin, like I challenged us all to be when I wrote this; I've started to wear less and keep that eyeliner tucked away. Sure I may look a little more worn out, but that's cause I am honestly a little worn out. I am allowing myself to look how I feel. Why do we feel the need to convince the world otherwise? Maybe we do look tired... for some it's because they work long hard  days and are great at their job, for some it's because they were up all night being an awesome mom, for some it's because they're maintaining a high gpa and studying through the night, for some it's staying up and hanging out with friends because they've been blessed with incredible relationships... whatever it is, own it, don't hide it!

Surprisingly enough, the more I see myself this way, the more I realize I don't actually look all that rough, and maybe some of that was just in my head (maybe). So, here's to being more comfortable in our own skin and owning who we are and how we feel. This is me and that's enough.

xo. melisa


  1. I loved this post as it's kind of self confidence thing. I'm not a girl who's always wearing makeup but I'm always feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. And it's all about of change our minds, take a breath and look for a new outlook; we've born in our ways to be and we can't change it, we just need to learn how to love ourselves. I loved the post, what else I can say? x


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