Girl Talk

The Gentlewoman. She is strong, determined and courageous. She changes the world every day in ways she doesn't yet understand. She is beautiful, sweet and kind hearted. She will be remembered by her thoughtful words that come to her like second nature. She is gifted, powerful and unstoppable. She takes the world on on a daily basis; refusing to ever give up, give in or resolve. She is spectacular, yet understated. She is friend to many, yet left unknown to many more. She is not famous, yet. She is the girl next door, the artist, the teacher, the funny girl, the eternal optimist, the mother, the musician, the photographer, the newlywed, the blogger, the fashionista, the wife... She is everything you aren't, but wish you could be. She is everything you are, but wish you weren't. She is you and you are amazing. 

I must say that the Girl Talk feature has easily become my favorite post on Pie N' the Sky. I love the friends that I 've made because of it, I love the beauty that each girl shares with us & I love the response that I've gotten from each of you because of it. I imagine that we will have this feature for as long as possible. We all have a name and some of us don't even know what that name is; so what would your name be? 

Since starting this feature, I've tried to think of what my name would be, but I feel a little silly coming up with my own name. Do you have any ideas?

Since we have now shared 16 lovely ladies, one more tomorrow (eeee!), and several already lined up, I would love to expand this feature! However, I need your help. I want to know what kind of questions you want answered and what are questions you want to keep?? Do you want to be featured and have your very own Girl Talk with us?? I want your feedback, so email me, comment, tweet at me, send me a pigeon carrier! I love getting feedback from my sweet readers. I hope you all love this feature as much as I do.



  1. i love this too. and if you ever need someone else to join the club, i'm in. i'm pretty good at making up secret handshakes too.

    xox dana

  2. This is such a wonderful and inspiring segment! I love hearing about ladies with such passion and drive! Thank you so much for doing this.

  3. I would love a directory of some sort where I could browse past entries! It's the kind of post that I'll want to re-read again and again :)

  4. Thanks girls!
    Dana -- email me!
    Nicole -- there's a button on the left bar that says Girl Talk; it will direct you to all of the previous posts :)

  5. You would be:



  6. Anonymous16.11.11

    I would love to be involved with this :) this is such a great post..