That time I led worship...

I know I've been a little silent lately, but I've been extra busy with "senior stuff". bluh. I purchased my cap and gown, bought my very first college sweatshirt, & had my night of worship!! It was so much fun and it feels good to have crossed it off my checklist; I'm that much closer to graduation, which is only 28 days away! eeep! To top off the senior festivities, tomorrow I'm having my senior photos taken^_^ 

My sweet friend Kalli snapped a few photos of my special night. I borrowed these lamps and set them on the sides of the stage; they added a nice ambiance... 

Thanks so much for all of your support and prayers, I wish you could've all been there^_^ I hope you're having a lovely week! The blog should be back to a normal schedule next week, promise!



  1. Anonymous10.11.11

    Looks like fun was had, i love that song btw :D

  2. Anonymous10.11.11

    how awesome! way to go!! and the lamps look great.

  3. so close to graduation! how exciting! :)

  4. you rock!! :) that's so cool you led worship! i actually play the piano in my worship team in youth group. it's so much fun! :)

  5. Anonymous11.11.11

    this is great! congratulations on such a beautiful opportunity

  6. did you know that when I went to SAGU, that stage was where we had chapel? that makes me feel old. p.s. Sarah Sanford recommended your blog to me. That is how I found you. :)

  7. Thanks so much for all of your encouraging words! It was such a fun time!
    Michelle -- That is nuts! So happy you stopped by; hope you enjoy reading!