A Fall Playlist

I love love cold weather, but only when I get to stay inside under blankets, crafting or reading a book, with some sweet tunes! SO I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite songs at the current moment. Here's my playlist as of this week. It usually changes bi-weekly, so I'll try and keep this up and share my music with you. I know I've tried and failed at this several times, but I'll try and get better. promise.


Gungor and The City Harmonic are kind of on constant repeat at this point. Both bands are fairly new to me and I must say they just do something to me and move me to creativity. I love that feeling! Hope they do the same for you. 

In other news, I am now officially done with school as of 12pm today!! I graduate in 2 days and I'm packing like a mad woman. The family gets here on Friday, so if the blog seems a bit silent for a few days, you'll have to forgive me. Yes, you'll have to. ^_^



  1. ah! you're done! what an exciting moment! i guess we can forgive you.. ;)
    LOVE this playlist. thanks for sharing :)

  2. that playlist just about made me cry. espechially that first song. amazing. and the city harmonic band is awesome. i love them so much!! :)

  3. love the playlist! I had never heard of most of those :c)

  4. Anonymous7.12.11

    Love that james taylor song.

    A wonderful playlist

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