That one time I stayed in bed all day...

I woke up the other day feeling a little... bleh. I had a lot I still needed to do, but decided that I could do most of it from the comfort of my own bed, so I did just that. It's actually quite amazing all that one can accomplish from home. 

I like to start my day with as little light as possible, ha! I stayed in the dark for a good two hours while I blogged and listed out what the day would look like...

Got some packages and letters ready to ship out. Mostly thank you cards and my credential renewal. Something I must do every year around this time. Oh, and of course I enjoyed some mindless reality shows!

Then I got the presents out. I had every intention of wrapping them, but alas I did not have any wrapping paper, so I organized them and figured out who still needed a little something. I was proud for having gotten so far in my Christmas shopping!

I wrapped up the afternoon with some reading. I'm kind of addicted to this book right now, but can you blame me?? Have you read it yet? I was real excited to finally read for fun and thrilled that I can do it more often, now that I have no school reading! hooray!

And that's what a lazy day looks like for me. Sometimes a girl just needs some rest. Granted I finally came out of my room about mid day to run errands, womp womp. Ya know, because I'm an adult or whatever. 

I'm getting my haircut today! Trying to decide if I should get bangs, go a little crazy, or stick with what I got. Any suggestions??



  1. This looked like a perfect day! Yay Hunger Games!

  2. that is so awesome!! and isn't the hunger games so amazing?? i'm on the last book of the series...so addicted!! heh heh :)

  3. i love how your bed progressively gets more and more cluttered with stuff hahaha.
    xox dana

  4. Ahhh! I love days like this. I giggled at your "two hours in darkness" line. I love quiet times like this to do nothing yet everything at the same time.

    Happiest of holidays to you! xo

  5. I just spent my day like that today.. hehehe
    loved ypur pics... do let me know how the hunger games is.. I was abt to order it on kindle today

  6. I love your hair so i think you should just do something small, nothing crazy! & your lazy day looks amazing.. I only wish i could do that!!!

    In our sea of love

  7. Nothing wrong with a little R&R to recover :) Wish you fast healing!

  8. Looks like an amazing day! And yes, love that book. ;)