New Rates, New Sizes, New Location...

I'm quite excited to announce the newness that is coming to our lovely sponsors. New rates, new sizes and a new location! Yes, it's true! Sponsors will be moving to the left column, all the way to the tippy top! I think that new location will suit them quite nicely. 

I am so so excited for this new year and all the wonderful things it will bring here at the blog. I am introducing some new features as well as expanding my shop (more on that later), adding to the new overall design, keeping up with present posts and focusing more time and energy on DIY's, fashion and inspiration posts. I simply cannot wait! This year will be a year where dreams come true. Won't you be a apart??

You can see the new rates as well as sizing below. If you're interested in purchasing a spot you can hop on over to the shop or check out the sponsor info page!

And since we're talking about sponsors, have you taken a peek at this month's sponsors?? They're all so lovely and I find them to be quite the source of inspiration myself. I hope you'll go say hi. I know we all love a sweet comment or two ^_^


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