a peek at our sponsors

1 // in love with this bag from Angela & Roi. it's perfection.  2 // love love love the photos shared in this post on natural beauty.  3 // completely thrilled to be supporting minna may on her adventure of starting a letterpress studio.  4 // these pistachio and chocolate chip cookies look way too yummy.  5 // this fall, all i want to eat everyday is s'mores. this recipe will be done.  6 // kinsey always has the best diy's; this lovely gypsy crown was no exception.  8 // i just love going to the farmer's market! these shots were great.  9 // cactuses always remind me of home. i love these.  10 // i really enjoyed this post Melissa shared on what real photography is.   11 // this feather pillow is so pretty. i need to make some new pillows.  12 // these underwater photos are perfect.  13 // i'm just smitten with Jenny's new art prints. i need one.  14 // completely inspired by this lovely collage by White Chalk Arrow. i love nesting.  15 // this memory book is just about the sweetest thing i've seen this week.  16 // i always love seeing peeks at people's places; loved the fall decor.  17 // i just love Lindsay's new blog, i am her. i've always admired her honesty and take on life.

I love my sponsors! They're just best in all the land. I do hope you will go stop by and say hi to them; they truly have so much to offer!

xo. melisa


  1. I LOVE this sponsor spotlight post! I may be coppying you in the future... haha! If it's alright with you, of course.
    AND congratulations on 1000 GFC followers!! :D you deserve the very best!

  2. Go right ahead! It's seriously the easy way to spotlight everyone! AND I get to look through all of the lovely posts my sponsors have and share what I really do love!
    Thank you so much!! It's so crazy to me!

  3. This is great Melisa! Sorry I never got back to you with my info. This class I am in is killing me, but I love how you spotlighted everyone, it feels really genuine and nice to be included in all these favorites of yours:)

    1. no worries! There were actually quite a few who didn't get back to me. I didn't want them to miss out so I scrapped the other post and did this! It's easy on my sponsors and really fun for me too!

  4. What lovely sponsors! I'm already a fan of a few of them but thanks for some new reads :)