banner diy

Next up on the booth diy, is my banner! For whatever reason, I seem to change my banner for every booth I participate in. I'm really not sure why, but I do enjoy the change it brings to the look of the overall booth. This one may be my favorite. It's pretty simple and doesn't require much on your end. (pardon the lame-o photos, they were with my phone in not so great lighting. blarg.)
supplies  //  cardstock (or other paper), hole punch, pen, scissors, string (or yarn/ribbon)

steps are as follows // take your paper and cut out your preferred shape. draw out the letters you will want - be sure to make them more bubbly since you will be cutting them out shortly. cut them out. this can be kind of tough with certain letters, and I think an exacto knife may be easier. decorate your paper as you see fit, I chose to put gold dots using a sharpie paint pen. use a hole punch to punch out two holes on the top corners of your shapes. using string or yarn, lace through the holes you just punched out. voila, you have a banner!

I'm most looking forward to my next diy, so be sure to come back and check it out! Happy crafting!

xo. melisa

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