12 Days of DIY // antler ring display

I came across this antler at an antique mall and just had to buy it. Since it was just one side and wasn't mounted or anything, I wanted to think of a creative way to display it. I decided it would make a perfect ring organizer! This works great if you have an antler that you want to keep natural, but I decided to freshen mine up with some color.

   deer antler
   liquid gilding - picked this one up at Michaels, but you could order from here
   spray paint

1) I gathered my supplies and cleared a space. I mostly worked outside for this project because of the spray painting. 2) Spray paint your antler. I chose white, so I went ahead and did two coats, letting it dry for about 30 mins between each time. 3) Once the antler is dry, pick it up and dip the tips into the liquid gilding. This is pretty thick, so you want to make sure it doesn't slowly run, or create air bubbles. 4) Let it sit for about 30 mins before doing a second coat - which isn't necessary, but I didn't want it to chip or fade, so I dipped again for good measure.

This is great because if you like the natural look better, than it's a really reeeeally easy diy, as in you don't have to actually diy, you just have to find an antler! I love the way these colors came out and the fact that it kind of looks like a claw, which is a little strange, but also pretty great, ha! Just have fun with it!

I hope you enjoyed this and as always, if you decide to try it out, I'd love to see how yours turns out; leave a link below!

xo. melisa