it's going to be alright.
it's not always easy, but we've been over this before
it's when we're weak that we are indeed most strong
the moments of insecurity, of bleakness
where the darkness seems to be engulfing us, that the sun burns brightest
a light that no darkness can escape
it brings about a sense of peace and hope that we knew was there all along
but sometimes are too afraid to admit to
because it makes more sense to shy away
now is the time
the breath before the fall
the second of hesitation that could cost us it all
that makes us giants in the middle of nowhere
a place where nothing else matters
but we are more than enough and all is as it should be
we are not alone and the road is soon to be uncovered
it's an adventure that causes courage in a way that's unexpected
a way that only you would understand
we are brave
but we are not alone
of this I am sure
and this is surely not the end
but the beginning of it all.

Some who are most nearest and dearest to me have been facing life at it's finest. They've been going through unexpected storms and places I have found myself all too often. Why is it that the unknown causes us to question everything? How one blow can feel like the final weight that we could possibly ever carry?  Sometimes I think we need to be reminded that we are indeed, much braver than we feel. These words are simply my response to the world when it chooses to come against me and the ones I love; you'd better believe I'll be putting up a fight.


  1. This is absolutely wonderful, it is exactly what I needed to read this morning, to get me through this rough moment of my life.


  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful encouragement. I really needed it!