12 Days of DIY // ruffled socks

As the weather gets a little cooler, I've been wearing boots daily. I've always been a fan off wearing tall socks with my boot to add an extra little somthin to my outfit! I thought it would be fun to make some with ruffles for Christmas time! 

   plain socks - I bought mine at Target
   lace trim
   sewing machine 

1) start by taking a single sock and placing the lace along the top edge. 2) begin sewing along the lace Two things to be sure you do: stretch your sock out to that the elastic will still work & scrunch your ruffles a bit, so that it's extra ruffly! 3) once the lace has gone all the way around, make sure it overlaps a little bit so that the lace looks seamless

These work great for a last minute gift, or they'll go great with any Christmas outfit in need of an extra ruffle! 

I cannot believe Christmas is only two days away!!! SO exciting! The mr and I are headed out of town tomorrow morning; I can't wait to see my family and give them their presents! hooray!

xo. melisa

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  1. Anonymous30.12.12

    I love it!! Thanks for the great idea...Note to self: Grab pair of plain socks and buy some lace TOMORROW!