The Mr and I rarely celebrate holidays on the actual day. This Valentine's Day was no exception, so we celebrated today! It was a perfect day. It started with breakfast with the most delicious french toast! Then we grabbed some coffee and chai at our favorite cafe. We walked around the Japanese garden at the Ft Worth botanical garden - it was beautiful. Then we did a little shopping and bought each other our gifts! After grabbing some chocolate from Dude, Sweet, we went to the movies and headed home. It was seriously wonderful. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am, but today I was reminded of it. I hope you each had so much fun with your loved one!

xo melisa


  1. we do the same thing with celebrating holidays on different days. i think it's special that way - you're remembering the reason for the holiday itself rather than getting caught up with the hullaballoo on that day. it looks like you had a lovely valentines.

  2. aw the botanical garden looks lovely! :-) sounds a perfect kind of day, S x


  3. Sounds like a lovely day! :)Also on a different subject I emailed you awhile ago to see if you could make some buttons for me :) I wasn't sure if you received it or not! Can I get your email and double check that I put it in correctly? Thanks I hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Anonymous18.2.13

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