B E W E L L :: healthy habits

When my life gets busy it tends to take a toll on my health. So, I wanted to make a list to remind myself to maintain healthy habits during this season. Taking care of yourself should never fall beyond your top 5 priorities. You matter.

drink / at least 9 cups of water a day
run / at least once a week
learn / something new each day
enjoy / less amounts of chocolate
soak / in every last moment of being engaged
take / more photos of life
remember / to take my vitamins
talk / to family more often
hangout / with friends regularly
listen / more 
stop / to breathe
stress / less
believe / in myself
spend / more time with God
avoid / negative people
work / hard
play / games for fun
craft / just because
make / a home


So what does your list look like??

xo. melisa

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