W H A T W E W O R E // engagement two

on her :: dress/free people, sandals & necklace/american eagle, bracelet/vintage
on him :: shirt/american apparel, pants/urban outfitters, shoes/aldo

This is probably my favorite set from the photos. I feel like they just capture "us". I don't know if it's normal but we're just about two weeks away from the wedding and the initial shock of "Oh my gosh this is real! I'm getting married!" still hasn't worn off. I know I should probably be stressed and freaking out at this point, but I'm really not... In fact, I may be more stressed about the fact that I'm not stressing. Either way, I'm getting married in 16 days and it's gonna be awesome because whether it rains, or the flowers don't show up, or I trip and fall, I'm leaving that place with a husband and that's all I want for. And of course I hope NONE of that happens. Although, I have been told by many brides, that something always goes wrong. I'm interested to hear if it's true. Did you run into any hiccups at your wedding? Any fun stories to share??

xo. melisa

note :: you can see our first set of engagement photos here.


  1. Anonymous22.10.13

    These photos are so cute!


  2. Lovely photos! Wish you both luck on your special day!! The day of our wedding, the party rental biz was an hour late with our tents and chairs for the service... but no matter what goes wrong just remember it won't effect your happy future together. :)