B I T S + P I E C E S

So we went to the fair last week, which just so happened to be Elisha's first time to the State Fair! Crazy. So of course, we ate everything in sight and did all there was to do. We actually got to go with my work, because I drove a bus - yes, a bus. Me, behind the wheel of a 13 passenger vehicle. It was quite the sight and an experience I shall not soon forget. It was fun to go on a date with Elisha and to experience the fair in all of it's greatness!

Last night we had our first premarital counseling session, which surprisingly I really enjoyed. In all of our years together, Elisha and I have never met with someone to discuss us. Maybe seperately we've done so, but never together, to receive council - we've just kind of figured it out on our own. Which, is great and all, but to discuss "us" with someone else really gives a whole new perspective on our relationship. And I love it! All of that to say, if you don't have someone (or a couple) in your life, that you and your other can go and talk to, you should get one. It's like totally great.

We are less than two weeks away now. like whoa.

xo. melisa

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