Since getting an iPad I've discovered a whole new world of apps! Some of these are available for iPhones as well, but I enjoy using them on my iPad. So, in no particular order, these are the apps I'm digging


Lumosity :: this is maybe my favorite app this year! I love learning (that sounded nerdy, oops) and this app makes it fun! Lumosity gives you different games which helps you work on your memory, speed and other fun stuff. You can purchase the full membership for a hefty sum, or enjoy the free games they give you! You can even play this on your desktop!

Duolingo :: I recently discovered this app and now I'm completely hooked! I think I've mentioned before that I used to live in Brazil - so Portuguese was one of my first languages. Since moving back to the states, I have quickly forgotten most of it. womps. I have loved playing with Duolingo though because it's given me a chance to freshen up on it - it's the best if you're trying to get better or learn a new language. I may try french next.

Sudoku :: ever since this became "a thing", I have been crazy for sudoku. Like, I could literally spend hours on this stuff. So naturally I'm smitten with this app.


Padgram :: this app takes Instagram but lays out all the photos so it's much more appealing. I love it!

Bloglovin :: this is obviously nothing new, but I've grown especially fond of Bloglovin knowing that now I can have all of my need-to-read blogs with me wherever I go! Don't know about Bloglovin? Check it out and follow PS!

G A M E S 

Heads Up :: I have this game on my iPhone and it's a huge favorite for me and my friends. It was created by Ellen and it's so much fun - a mix of catch phrase, buzzword and charades. 

QuizUp :: you can easily waste half your day on this app. It's basically trivia games that allows you to challenge other people. The trivia ranges from everything from Disney to Lost, to Grammys to Hunger Games. You need this!

Sonic Dash :: this is a throwback because it makes me feel like I'm a kid again, sitting in front of my small box set playing sega. Sheesh. So great!

P R A C T I C A L 

Pages :: again, this app is available for your desktop and iPhone, but I especially love it for my iPad because I can have all of my documents with me. I especially love creating to do lists with this - adding photos to my docs always make them more fun!

ifontmaker :: you get to make your own fonts! It's amazing. enough said.

iBooks :: this is honestly why I wanted an iPad in the first place. I love to read, but lugging books around in my already oversized purse, just isn't practical. Now, I can carry my library with me! I'm currently reading Carry On Warrior and Jesus Calling

GloBible :: this is a really fun study bible that has a really cool interface. I love that it links to the aversion bible as well, so all of your bookmarks can be saved in both apps!

There's a TON of apps out there and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to search for the good ones. So tell me, what's your favorite app??

xo. mel

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  1. l love duolingo too! Kinda fun way to learn new language. Nice blog btw, i just started blogging ;)