W E A R :: tan noir

DETAILS :: sweater/nordstrom, jeans/hco, cape/american apparel, purse/coach

The weather has been extra crisp as of late. I must admit I'm not always a huge of fan of wintertime, but there's something pretty special about this season this year. Maybe it's just the season of life I find myself in, but I've found a new appreciation for the quiet stillness of a cool January morning. 

I'm fully in love with these black booties that Elisha gifted me this Christmas. They were the number one thing on my wish list and I wanted to die when I put them on my feet. I basically wear them everyday now. That's okay, right? I take them off to sleep so there's that.

I hope you had a good Monday. Mondays are rough, so at least it's Tuesday. Tuesdays mean you're nearly halfway there! So basically it's almost the weekend. hooray!

xo. melisa

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