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I was so excited to get an iPad for Christmas! I've been wanting one for quite some time, and I've been using it everyday. I immediately went out and bought a case for it, so it wouldn't get scratched, but I wanted to have an alternative to a big bulky case that's connected to it, so I thought I'd make a little pouch for it! This is a really fun and easy beginners sewing project. And it can be adapted in several ways to make a ton of different sized pouches! I'm thinking i'll make a matching one for my laptop!

S U P P L I E S  :: zipper, fabric/piece of leather, scissors, pins, sewing machine (not pictured), ipad (not necessary for making, but it helps to have handy in case you need to measure

E A S Y    A S   1 , 2 , 3
1. Cut your fabric to the appropriate dimensions of your iPad, with about half an inch extra along each side (for sewing). You'll need an inside and an outside fabric. Gather your fabric pieces and your leather // 2.  Using your sewing machine, stitch along the bottom edge of your fabric and the piece of leather. Make sure that you have the outside of your fabric facedown // 3. Repeat with the other piece of fabric, and stitch to the other end of the leather, so that both pieces are on either side of fabric, then flip over so it looks like the photo above. This will be the bottom/sides of your pouch!

4. If your fabric doesn't lay flat, then use an iron to help press it down. Be sure to layer a thin piece of fabric over the leather, so the iron doesn't directly touch it. It's okay if you have pieces that hang off a little, you can trim them.

5. Flip your stitched pieces back upside down // 6. You will now lay the inside piece of fabric, so that it lines up perfectly // 7. fold the fabric in half, so that the "inside" fabric is now showing on the outside, and pin in place. 

8. Secure your zipper. slightly fold the top part of your fabric, so there aren't any raw edges showing. Then place the zipper between the inside and outside fabric. Use pins to keep it in place  // 9. Use your sewing machine to sew all the edges // 10. Sew the zipper on one side, then unzip and sew the other side. Turn the pouch inside out and place your iPad inside! hooray!

If you'd like a little more protection, you can always add a layer of foam cushioning. 

I can't wait to see how yours turn out! Leave a link below and let us see what you made!

xo. melisa


  1. I love this handmade iPad pouch, it's exactly what you want it to be inexpensive. Thank you for sharing this idea and explaining it so clearly.

    The Night is Wild

  2. This looks so great!!