Bye Bye Shop.

Well I have officially put the shop on vacation mode... That means pretty much for the month of July it will be closed:( I'm not sure how well I'm going to handle this, but there truly is no other way. However, this just means that once I get back, there will be tons of new pretties for a very special update!! And no worries, I will still be blogging!
So as of today I hope to say the words, "I am officially done with Summer school!" but we'll see how things turn out...
I'm leaving today to see the Mr. and tomorrow is my date of birth:) I'm hoping there will be time by the pool, a movie and dinner. Maybe a puppy? Doubt it, but a girl can hope. Aaaaand then I leave for The Wedding. It's pretty special, that's why it gets capital letters:)
What exciting things do you have planned for the month? I feel like mine is planned to the brim, but let's just be honest, that's the way I like it... Little fact about me; I get stressed and overwhelmed by lots of things but doing just one thing makes my brain go numb and I can't handle feeling bored. In fact, I can't remember the last time I said I was bored. Is that a good thing? haha. New goal for the month of July; find a moment to be bored.
It's saturday, and because I love you here's a picture of a puppy.

Have a lovely day. And don't forget to give someone a hug. Hugs always make me smile...
xo. Melisa

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