Project Thirty.

Hi!! Okay, so I am pretty excited to share with you my/our very new project.Project thirty is unlike anything i've ever done and I think you're really going to enjoy it. Project Thirty will be a thirty day interactive journaling adventure.  And I must say that I am SO excited to be able to do something WITH my readers. 

What does that mean? 
Well, everyday here on le blog, I will prompt you with something to write/draw/think about in your journal. It'll range from all over the place and I hope to always make it interesting. I'll share pages from mine everyday and all of our readers will be able to share theirs as well! I can't wait to see what y'all create.

The point? 
I love to journal and i've found that there's no better place to learn about myself then through my journals. Sometimes the prompts will be serious, sometimes they'll be silly but hopefully they will always be inspiring. I'm trying to be the best me I can be and I hope you'll join me on this adventure. 
I'll be launching Project Thirty on August 15th. 

So why tell you now? 
Well, starting August 1st I will list handmade Pie N' the Sky journals in the shop. They'll be extra special and perfect for what we'll be doing with Project Thirty! It won't be necessary to have one of the customized ones {you can use any journal you'd like} but I thought it would be fun to make some uniquely for this adventure :)  I hope you're as excited as I am!! I can't wait. Let me know if you're looking forward to it and if you have any ideas you'd like me to incorporate to the project. I'm always open to suggestions. 

xooxo! Melisa

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