DIY and Giveaways.

I found this adorable DIY on Julia's Blog. It's a for a pillowcase dress! SO cute and I can't wait to try it^_^

Also, I have decided to do a giveaway tomorrow afternoon! Heck, I might even do more than one! So be sure to check back.
I aaaalso decided to do my update in two phases. I have a lot of pretties made and I just want to get them in the shop while I work on the other lovelies. SO tomorrow night I will be doing my first update. The second update will most likely be Monday night. Hope to see you there!
xo. Melisa


  1. Anonymous2.7.10

    Hey cousin! I love this so much I actually made one! I'll show you a picture later but this idea is super cute and I'm very impressed with Julia's design!

  2. Oh I would love to see a picture!! I can't wait to try it out:)