Headband Giveaway!!

This new fun giveaway is for NINE Pie N' the Sky headbands!! To enter just sign your name in the comments along with your favorite thing about summer :) I'll announce the winner on Monday!


  1. Anonymous29.7.10

    Josilin Moede
    late night ice cream runs during a sleepover :)

  2. Anonymous29.7.10

    Lindsey Weber ! :D
    My favorite thing about summer is the sun, heat, and noo school :) as well as the vacations I get to go on..!

  3. Katie Fromstein
    Swimming, warm nights, and flip flops. ;)

  4. Anonymous29.7.10

    Kristina Krist
    My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach and enjoying the heat!! :)

  5. Mandy Lepard
    my favorite thing about summer is having days all to myself. No school, no work. And when I can get a moment to lay out in the sun.

  6. Anonymous29.7.10

    Jamila Hull ;)
    Sunrises, sunsets, warm open night skies,
    Bright lady bugs, yuccas and butterflies
    Light evening showers that summer days bring,
    These are a few of my favorite things...
    Strawberry shortcake & green tea ice cream messes,
    landing, unfortunately, on cute floral dresses
    Creosote smell, rain turns hair into string,
    These are a few of my favorite things

  7. Anonymous29.7.10

    Ashley Scoggins :)

    First of all... No music theory at 8am ;)
    Then of course, snow cones...
    The sun, the beach, flip flops, shorts...
    family, vacations, adventures, swimming...
    Egging my friends houses...
    Riding with my head out the sunroof....
    Late nights baking....
    Crazy Houston thunderstorms..
    My pretty polka dot beach towel...
    And so much more.

    Love you.

  8. Anonymous29.7.10

    Kenzie Muehler
    bonfires, s'mores and late night shananagins (i'm not sure how to spell that..) with friends:D

  9. Anonymous30.7.10

    Lindsay Luna
    My favorite things about summer are ice cream sandwiches, movies with friends, and getting to hang out with my family! oh and buying new bows for my hair! they just make me smile! =)

  10. Anonymous31.7.10

    Anna Holguin
    Lemonade, swimming, popsicles, and friends (:

  11. ah, i know it's monday... can i still enter? :) i'm lauren and my most favorite thing about summer is spending a day w/ my bf riding bikes down by the beach!