I have so many things I want to create, dream up and work on. I feel very inspired and I'm in love with this feeling. So many ideas, but so little time to make them reality. I'm excited for the next Pie N' the Sky update. I think you'll like it, or at least I hope you do...
You know what I think is interesting? I think it's so crazy how one song can put you in a creative mood, or a pretty dress, a great view, or even something you eat! {maybe that last one is just me} What I'm trying to say is that inspiration is all over the place. I love that I can be inspired on a daily basis by simply living life. What inspires you most?
Today I've been listening to Janglin by Edward Sharpe. Yes, it's been on repeat because it's gotten the creative juices flowin and I mustn't interrupt the process :)
Well, it's back to creating for me!

xo. Melisa

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