Introducing: Home Sweet Apartment

I believe it's the little things that really make a house a home; you know, the little details that make it warm and inviting. I thought since I will be moving into a little apartment soon {next semester} that I would think up a list for my "dream" apartment. Though I will be lucky to get one or two of these items, it's still fun to dream right?? And, since this list is extra long, I've decided to turn it into a series entitled, "Home Sweet Apartment" and split it into a few sections: Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Bath. I wanted to give y'all a little sneak peek! Hope you enjoy^_^



  1. super excited about this!! i'm trying to come up with new ideas for my "married-life" apartment, so I need all of the inspiration i can get :)

  2. I am looking forward to this.
    I have my own place with my boy and I can always use some ideas to make our place cuter <3