I Love... Modcloth

I love Modcloth! It has so so many pretty things and I could literally spend hours just oogling at it all! Here are a few of my most favorite things....

The pretty pretty pretty dresses...

Oh my heavens! Those last two have my heart... those ruffles with that chiffon and pretty pale colors.. I die.

The way too cute shoes...

I love love the different play on the Oxford style! I still need my own pair, but I'm waiting for the perfect ones^_^

And all the lovely things for the home...
I love love little things and small details that make a house {or a room} feel more like a home. I think that flower tupperware is pretty special. Did I mention I'm moving into an apartment in September?? Well I am, and I can't wait to buy pretty things to make it feel like a home! 


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  1. Oh, I must run to this website. Those dresses and oxfords..OH MY!!