Tuesday Treasures

looooving this hat

I will never get enough of triangles^_^

Wow. This organizer is perfection.

Where could I wear this dress?? It's so pretty!

Oh hi there bear!

Today I'm moving all of my treasures into a storage space, since I'll be moving on Friday. I just made my first trip to my storage unit and as I was unloading my things, the man with the unit next to mine offered me his coffee table! It's really pretty and I quickly said please and thank you^_^ Sometimes people's kindness amazes me. It made me want to go give something to a random stranger; I just love blessing people! Now to study for more finals and pray these next few days doesn't kill me! I have a concert tonight and then a little chorale party and then of course more studying. sheesh. OH and just a reminder, I'm announcing the giveaway winner on Friday! So be sure to go sign up below!!



  1. <3 this list! Perfect!


  2. I think I posted a jewelry organizer from the same shop on my blog. I love them, they are so awesome. I love everything on your list! <3

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  4. I am a follower of your blog and facebook. I am hoping this is the way to win your handband, it is quite gorgeous.

    Fishingforfoster @ yahoo dot com