I love to do lists. I love being able to set a goal and accomplish it; even if it's something small like cleaning my room. Well, I set a goal to study hard and make it through my finals and while I'm not completely through, I did finish four of them aaaand I got an A on all of them SO I decided to reward myself with new nail polish! I know it might sound silly, but little rewards like that really keep me motivated, especially when I feel like stress might just kill me. Tonight I'm painting my nails, turning in a conducting video and catching up on my shows^_^ Do any of you have a reward system??



  1. I am all about rewards! If i get through this chapter i can watch this junky reality show or buy this magazine. Five page papers always get rewarded with Taco bell. ha i should probably start developing healthier rewards. Maybe ill switch to nail polish. Love the color!



  2. I always reward myself with something new as well. Running motivates me too. :)