March at a glance

So I was going through my pictures on my phone and I realized how much I enjoyed the month of March and how many fun things I got to do. I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite photos^_^
I got to drive a golf cart!! Granted it was windy and cold, it was still fun AND I got paid!
I got to spend lots of time with the Mr. ^_^
We ate some of our favorite chips.
I got to see Molly!
I got to have lots of sister time!!
AND I got to see my brother :)
I got to drink delicious bubble tea.
And got dressed up for fun photoshoots!
I made a few purchases at Anthro. 
I got to ride my bike! {finally}
The Mr. picked me flowers off the side of the road.
I got really pretty prints in the mail from Hue and Hum! {have you signed up for her giveaway below??}
I went to Arkansas for the first time ever.
I had fun driving on the bus with friends^_^

Do you ever have those moments where you think to yourself, "this is my life," and it just hits you that your living this particular life. Does that sound crazy?? It makes sense, I promise. I'm just not quite sure how to put it into words... I just find myself throughout my day feeling so grateful and overwhelmed that this is my life. And I can't help but think, I love my life!! It's crazy and stressful for the most part, but I'm getting ready to graduate {which is a huge accomplishment} I have an incredible man in my life, wonderful friends and family, a lovely blog with kind and thoughtful readers, I am doing what I love to do and learning new things everyday... I love my life^_^ Do you ever find yourself having these types of  moments??

xo. Melisa

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  1. I love those moments in life when life itself catches up to you and you realize how great it got! looove it!