Home Sweet Apartment: Bath

I think the bathroom is often an overlooked room. It's where we freshen up and fix our hair and makeup; it's a place that should look and feel clean and pretty. Here are a few of my finds and suggestions for this room.
I love these little jars! These are perfect for holding everything from bath salts to cotton balls or buttons for more of a solely decoration purpose.
There are SO many pretty shower curtains. I thought these were fun and pretty. They're also a great way to add a little pop of color...
As usual, I firmly believe that the final touch is in the little details. I love these little elements. The candle looks so so pretty and it's a fun accent, and perfect for a relaxing bath^_^ 
I thought these were wicked cute! Not really pretty, but really fun^_^

All of these were found via Urban Oufitters and Anthropologie. I love the style of shabby chiq meets fun and a bit eclectic.
My one thing I can't live without piece: decorative jars


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  1. These are all darling! I can't wait to furnish my apartment when I have one. Hopefully in a city! Good luck with doing yours, it must be soooo exciting. :)