Some bunny to love

So, as I've said this past week, I have been sewing sewing sewing. Now I can finally show you what I've been sewing; it's just a peek though!! I don't usually like peeks because I'm a fan of the big reveal, but I thought this would be fun and I just can't keep these little guys a secret anymore! Without further ado, meet some of the new additions to the shop!
I think they're pretty cute myself, but I suppose I'm biased^_^ hehe. These lovely little ladies will be in the shop by next week, along with some other friends {fingers crossed} Still so much more sewing to do, but when I see these critters all done, it's worth it! Hope you're having a fair share of smiles and laughter today(: 



  1. hi! (saw your on maedae) and i don't think you're biased at all. those bunnies are killer cute!