I Love... Pugs

I love love love pugs!! They are oh so cute and I would simply love to have one of my very own! These lovely photos below only make me want one all the more. The picture above was taken at a local pet shop. I go there from time to time to hold puppies... cause that's not weird at all, right??

Really, I would be happy to have any dog, but a pug would just make me so much happier! What kind of dog do you want/have??



  1. oooh i also LOVE pugs!!!
    they are so cute and look like they have so much character to them!
    however, my man and i are talking about getting a bernese mountain dog. we are both dog lovers and this is the first breed we are both really excited about! oh fun dogs!

  2. oh my goodness! I LOVE pugs as well! their little faces are so cute like that!
    Im Christa, btw. Your newest follower :)