Home Sweet Apartment: Kitchen

Oh the kitchen! I love food, I love attempting to cook and failing at baking {despite my best efforts...}, I love mismatched bowls and colorful cups! I love the kitchen. I especially love this room because for whatever reason, whenever my family gets together at my Grandma's we insist on cramming into the {rather small} kitchen and it gets noisy and crowded, but it's so us; I suppose the kitchen reminds me of family^_^ Soooo I don't know how else to say this... I loooove  love the kitchen!
Oh hi way cute cups! I love that they match, but don't all at the same time. Weird fun fact: every year I gift my sister a bowl. They don't ever match, but they're all pretty and special in their own way and they're my favorite thing to eat from when I visit her... is that weird?
Love these little details! That little hand towel is so so pretty indeed! And those cards! Sheesh. I've actually been on the search for the perfect recipe book and/or cards. If you know of any cute ones let me know!
I love fun measuring things! Especially because every time I cook I follow the recipe to a T! The Mr. often makes fun of me for it, but I just don't want to get it wrong!
SO perfect!! Anything teacup has my heart, so that fixture is simply perfection! And wow, that jar is excellent!!

Florals will always have my heart. I love the mix of colors and how you can draw from any of them for appliances, cups, bowls, silverware and other decor^_^
Way cool utensils no?? Yes, definitely the coolest.
And every girl needs a cute apron to wear in the kitchen!! These two are my faves, especially that one on the right!
I know this is the part where I put my can't live without piece, but there's just too many! Is it crazy to pick that little dish towel?? I just think it's so pretty! haha, I'm lame.
As usual, these were all brought to you by the lovely stores of Anthro and Urban! Yay! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!



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  2. Those aprons are uhhh mazing! You have such a lovely blog!

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  4. what a gorgeous array of collects - i really love it all actually! you have great taste girl. kitchens are such a hub, i miss my old home b/c it had a circle shaped booth we all used to cram into; perfect for impromptu snack times.

    i love how you send your sister a different bowl each year, not weird at all...actually kinda awesome! waaaay cool post, thanks for the colorful insp tonight. most enjoyed, happy rest of the weekend to you lades. ♥

  5. Those aprons are hot!

  6. Oh my goodness you legit have the best taste in apartment stuff. I love the whole mismatched idea, it's really adorable :D