That time I cut my hair...

I had a surprise day date with the Mr yesterday, when it turned out he had a day off and so did I! We met up in the morning at a local coffee shop, to chat and work. This is kind of one of our favorite things to do. Mostly because we're both able to work from anywhere and we love being able to bounce off ideas with each other. 

Oh, and I got a haircut! Nothing terribly drastic, cause I'm a wuss. But I did get tons more layers, which you can't really see, and I got some side swept bangs. I was trying to decide if I should go with the straight across bangs again, but knew how much they drove me crazy the last time; I like low maintenance. I like a little bit of change and as you can see in the far left photo, I was in desperate need! Overall I was happy with the cut and for the first time, didn't feel like crying when it was all over. I'm a tad bit attached to my hair because when I was a child I had "the mushroom" haircut, basically a bowl. Oh it was awful. So I vowed to never cut my hair short again, which I did one time but that's a whole other story of awkward embarrassment, ha! Hope you enjoy your day, I'm off to work!



  1. i love your haircut!! your blog is so cute!


  2. I love your haircut! I actually just got my haircut yesterday as well and blogged about it. With almost the exact same post title. I giggled a little when I saw the similarity.


  3. Anonymous22.12.11

    LOVE the new look! I'm like you, I hate it when I have hair hanging in my face. I have side bangs and even they bother me haha