12 Days of DIY // book page gift bow

Remember this diy? Well I decided to make use of those book pages by making this way cute and super easy gift bow!

   book pages
   double sided tape OR hot glue

1)  using the method seen below, fold your paper in half, but slightly askew. Then fold it in half again, remember to make sure that it's not even; the point is to make it look like petals, so you don't want corners to match up. 2) Create the outer petals by placing the pages in a circle, gluing or taping them down as you go along. 3) Begin to layer your petals as you go closer to the middle. (*note: you make want to make some pages small once you get to the middle petals, for added contrast)

I love the sweet look these flowers gave to my gifts! And I love the fact that these book pages didn't go to waste! I think this concept would be great with big pages, to make flowers for wedding or party decor!

Have you all finished your holiday shopping?? I still have one more person on my list to check off! eeeep! 

xo. melisa

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  1. This is super cute! Exactly the kind of diy I need while wrapping presents, thanks for sharing.:)