M A K E :: beanie

So some of you may have heard that the south is basically freezing - literally. I've been stuck at home for roughly 48 hours because my car is currently frozen shut. I have had the most productive two days, more than I've had in months. I even taught myself how to crochet! I made two beanies and I'm currently working on an infinity scarf! Do y'all have any tips on ways to pass the time?? 

I'll be sharing a few more posts with ways I've kept myself busy, soon. Stay safe and warm!

xo. melisa


  1. This is adorable. I would love the directions on how to make this, if you care to share!

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  3. Love this do you by chance have the pattern? I have been wanting to make one just like this for my boyfriend but can not find the pattern

  4. You are amazing! I *love* everything you do!