M A K E :: chalkboard shelves

S U P P L I E S  :: 
two chalkboards, 2x4 plywood, screws, drill (optional - nails/hammer)

E A S Y   A S   1 ,   2 ,  3  :: 
grab your chalkboards (we stained ours for our wedding), take your wood block, which can be any height really - these were about 10inches tall. line the edges up and use your drill to screw in the screws. another option is to use nails and hammer them in - whatever you have available to you. repeat the step on all four corners. then do the same to your second chalkboard. when finished with both, place one on top of the other. at this point it would be wise to use a crazy glue, but I wasn't sure if we would keep it as a shelf or two small tables, so I skipped that step. You're all done! I plan to stain the legs eventually, but I kind of like the mismatch!

I made this little shelf for Elisha while he was in Florida last weekend. He had all of his bike gear and misc items tucked away in a corner on the floor. So I wanted to create a little organization for his small chaos. We had a few spare materials form our wedding that were hanging out in our storage closet, so I put them to good use! This is such a fun shelf because you can write on it with chalk and would work great for kids to help them remember where things go. The possibilities are endless!

He was pretty thrilled to have a little more organization. Confession, he is the most organized man I've ever met - everything has its place. And I'm... well I'm not, hehe. I can be kind of a mess, but as long as there's order to my mess, then I'm okay. Elisha is loving me through it. If you decide to use this project, leave me a comment with the link!!

xo. melisa


  1. Such a great idea! x

  2. How I adore an organized man and a wife who recognizes it!!! Great project!

  3. May I ask where you sourced the chalkboards from?

    1. I bought them at Hobby Lobby - and stained them with a stain called ebony, from Lowes.

    2. Perfect. Thank you!