This question has been plaguing me as of late; "what makes you happy?". What makes you come alive? Is it being alone with your thoughts, or in a crowded room of loved ones? Is it doing absolutely nothing still in your pjs, or going on an adventure - running or hiking through the woods? Is it in a conversation or a moment at all? No, for me I think it's a state of mind. I think it's when my passion is ignited, that I find myself most alive - when I'm doing the very things that set me apart and make my insides feel whole. It's when I'm singing, or sharing the love of Christ -  It's when I'm laughing so hard I cry, or designing something that moves me - doodling and making nonsense into something lovely through words in a post - it's all of the above. I am happiest when my passion is being fulfilled.
What makes you come alive??

xo. mel

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