Happy Weekend!

Remember that day the chemical plant caught on fire?? Well, that day I was confined to my home and I was able to knit some new pretties for the upcoming Autumn Update. Here's a peek at one of my new favorite pieces.

This weekend I'm going on a trip with my choir, yes, I'm a choir nerd, but I'm completely okay with it. In other news, we are having a HUGE FIVE DAY GIVEAWAY next week!! I just shouted that at you^_^ It's going to be off the chain (no, I don't ever really say that). You're going to want to be a part of it. There will be at least two giveaways each day and it's all starting Monday! In case you're new, we're celebrating because Pie N' the Sky has reached 500 followers! Considering I started this blog just for funzies not even two years, ago it's kind of a big exciting deal, so a celebration is in order! Be sure to check back and have a lovely weekend!!



  1. That headband is so SWEET! I love it!! :) So excited for the 5 day giveaway!! :)

  2. LOVE the mustard flowers. Sooooo super cute! hope you have a fun trip with your choir!!!! Yay for choirs!

  3. Congrats on 500!!!

  4. Yay! Good things happening!!!