That time Elisha ran a 10k

On Saturday morning I woke up at an insanely early hour to go cheer on the Mr in his first 10k! He ran it in less than an hour, which is extremely impressive, especially because he didn't even train for it. He heard about it the week before and decided he would run it, crazy! I was so proud of him^_^
I made him breakfast as a congratulations and I bought him a sweater to show him how proud I was! He's hoping to train for a half marathon next, which I think is amazing! I would personally like to run a 5k without having to walk any of it; I think I'm almost there. And my real goal is to be able to run alongside Elisha without growing exhausted, but I may need to start running on a more regular basis again to do that one, ha! Until then I will remain at the finish line to cheer him on!

He doesn't even look tired!! He seriously didn't even break a sweat, who is he?? Do you like to run? Have you ever run a 5k or 10k?? Does your boyfriend run insanely fast? Okay that's all the questions I have. Night!



  1. Aww :) You look beautiful!

  2. My husband is in amazing shape and I am so jealous of that! And his older sister is always running marathons or triathalons and I feel like such a lump. Lol.

    That's great that he was able to run the 10K! What an awesome accomplishment!

  3. cute! I've ran/walked 3, 5k races before but i sure did break a sweat!

  4. What a great race time! I run a lot and completed my fourth half marathon in September. (I run the Great North Run in Newcastle, UK - The world's largest half marathon) It is such an amazing experience! Good luck with your 5k training - it does get easier :)

  5. Anonymous19.10.11

    Wow, running a 10k without even training for it?! Crazy!! I ran a 5k this past April, but had to walk some of it. I wasn't prepared to run uphill! Yea, probably should've looked at the course first! I'd love to do another 5k though!