Why I blog

So a few weeks ago, when I was updating the look of my blog, I was in the middle of changing some coding and when I went to go back to the site, I arrived at a window that said Pie N' the Sky did not exist. I thought surely this is a mistake, but after ten minutes of closing and reopening it truly seemed as though it was gone. I went through and tried to see if I had done something wrong that would have caused the people of blogger to shut me down, but there was nothing! I was freaking out, like really. After those ten minutes I came to a realization; my blog was gone, there was a great possibility that I would never see it again (for reasons unknown) and that I would no longer be a "blogger".

My feelings: sad, upset, confused, a little lost and slightly relieved and I'll tell you why... I was sad because something that I had poured hours upon hours of not only time but energy into, that I dearly loved, was taken away from me. Upset because I felt it was unjust and my followers, daily readers, were suddenly no longer apart of my life. Confused because let's be honest, this situation is just plain strange! A little lost because for so long this little blog has become a part of who I am; when I'm not blogging, I'm taking pictures, I'm dreaming up posts and living the life I get to share through this blog. And slightly relieved because blogging takes up so much of my life, as I just said. Though it's something I love, it can be a tiny bit stressful sometimes and it truly does consume so many of my thoughts. SO I was an emotional mess. I closed the computer and imagined my life sans Pie N' the Sky, decided that I loved it too much to ever just not have it and was committed to starting over. I typed the url one last time (to make sure) and there it was (what in the world??), just as I'd left it. le sigh.

All of this to say, I love this little blog and I love sharing my stories with each of you. I started for funzies two years ago and never dreamed it would become such an integral part of my life. yes, at times it can make me a little stressed out, but for the most part it's my outlet, the one thing I can control in the midst of an every crazy life. SO here are my top ten reasons why I blog...

1. It's an outlet. A place for me to share my inspirations, memories and photos.

2. It gives me an excuse to take lots and lots of photos of my life.

3. I get to meet really kind and genuine people; not only other bloggers but my sweet readers as well!

4. I get to be creative. Not only that, but it motivates me to continue to grow in my creativity.

5. It's fun! I really love dreaming up posts and sharing them with all of you.

6. I get to write. I love writing and learning how to be more open and share my stories in hopes of allowing others to feel like there's someone else in this world like them.

7. On most days it's the only thing I get to do for funzies and not just cause I have to.

8. I like inspiring others in whatever little way I can.

9. I get to share my Pie N' the Sky shop and let everyone know when there's new pretties in the shop!

10. I just like it. Okay.

Thanks for making all of this possible, because if I didn't have you to read these silly ramblings I'd be a little bit sad, like a whole lotta bit^_^ Have a lovely day sweet friends!



  1. Well, I'm happy it isn't gone :) And, happy that you would have started again (I like this blog!)

  2. Oh my gosh! Blogger is always playing fun little games like that. So scary though. I loved reading your reasons for blogging because they're pretty much the same reasons I blog!

  3. I don't know what I'd do if you didn't blog either!! I love Pie N' The Sky! haha! So glad it was just a hiccup!


  4. i would die without my blog. blogging is a great outlet!

    love yours.


  5. Anonymous19.10.11

    Oh my gosh! That exact same thing was happening to me last week! I thought maybe it was my local internet service, and possibly had something to do with it being super windy out. I was totally freaking out when that happened! I can't even imagine having 2 years of posts suddenly gone. As a relatively new reader of your blog, I'm happy that everything turned out ok for you! :)

  6. Anonymous19.10.11

    so glad it's still here!! those are wonderful reasons to blog...and pretty much why i do it!!

  7. Anonymous19.10.11

    I for one am happy it isnt gone.. I love this blog! :)

  8. Love this list! I could not agree more...especially about all the amazing people you meet!

  9. reading this wants to make me hug you :)
    even I blog for majority of teh same reasons and freak out when my blog acts crazy.. hhehee

    BTW- do enter my giveaway :)

  10. I think I would have freaked out too if i thought my blog had been deleted! It's like a little [or big] part of my everyday routine! ps- I love love love your blog!:)

  11. Love you blog! i would be so sad if it got deleted. I have been a follower for quite a few months and have really seen it grow! so exciting! Your creativity is really inspiring
    :) Bobbi