That one time the chemical plant caught on fire...

So, I live in a rather small town right outside of Dallas, called Waxahachie. Not many people know about it, but today we made national news. Around 11am a chemical plant a few miles from my school caught on fire. It continued to stay on fire and billow the blackest smoke I've ever seen, for about 6 hours. It was crazy to see; it felt completely surreal. Classes were cancelled and we were sent to our rooms/homes & told not to go outside. Scary right?? My roommate and I lined the bottom of our door and windows with towels and shut our ac off and were basically stuck... all day. So I did what any sensible girl would do, I baked cookies, made tea and knit while watching season two of Felicity^_^ 

Fortunately everyone at the plant was fine and we have not experienced any sort of sickness from the air, granted I haven't gone outside since noon.  Other than that, a pretty normal day. How was your Monday? Was it awful, as most Mondays try to be? I sure hope not! Here's to happier healthier Tuesday!



  1. Anonymous3.10.11

    I couldn't believe how horrible the fire was when I turned on the news earlier today! My uncle lives in Waxahachie and when we checked in w/ him, he said it was only a few miles away, SO dang scary!

    Glad everyone is safe and sound! :)

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  3. Oh my gosh I saw a glimpse of that on the news! I'm glad everyone stayed safe.

  4. (mm yup that erased comment would be me :) signed into the wrong blogger account guy .. anyway!)

    yikes that is terrifying! i'm glad everyone was alright..
    i didn't catch any of the news today as i was sitting in traffic between va and ny for 12 hourssss, but wow. definitely a more-scary-than-usual monday!

  5. wow! what a day! well my monday wasn't as crazy, just school. :)

  6. Oh my god, how scary!!! I'm glad everyone is okay. Whenever I hear about stuff like this, I worry about everyone. People, animals, even the incests and plants... Yah, I'm that kinda person, hah.

    I personally like Monday's, as they are a start of a fresh week! *silly*

  7. That's crazy! At least you had some great quality time to catch up on some of your favorite things! A hidden blessing! :)

  8. Anonymous7.10.11

    That's so awful, I live in DFW and watched the coverage of it for about four hours Monday. So glad everyone is safe!