M A K E :: metallic bottles

S U P P L I E S //
empty bottles
gold + silver spray paint

E A S Y  A S  1, 2 , 3 //
this is seriously the easiest project ever. gather your bottles. if they have labels, you'll need to fill your sink with warm water and let them soak for about 15mins. this makes peeling them off SO much easier. some labels I was able to take off without any soaking, but it depends on the adhesive. peel your labels off and make sure not to leave any residue. once dry, take outside and spray paint. I did two coats to make sure they were nice and shiny. project done.

We originally made these for our wedding, but decided to decorate with them around the house! I'm so glad we did because they add just the right texture and shine to each room. You can see how I used them in our livingroom and bedroom. If you decide to use tho project, leave a link to your post!

xo. melisa

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  1. love these--silver & gold, silver & gold--shining just like you!!