Something Blue.

What a long and adventurous few days! I am so excited to be back in the lovely city of Houston. I got home yesterday and was SO excited to see six, yes SIX packages waiting for me! I love love getting mail and to have that many pretty packages waiting for me just made my day! And of course the fact that they were filled with lovely things helped^_^
I got lots of new supplies and am proud to announce that this update is going to be filled with lots and lots of new pretty necklaces! I can't wait to share the new creations with you.
I just finished a handful of lectures and exams so i'm devoting the rest of the day to creating!! Don't you just love treating yourself? I think that's very important and instills good work ethic. It's always good to set goals and even better to reward yourself for good heard work.
I am also working on a new giveaway. It's been awhile huh? I think something pretty is definitely in store. I'd also like to do another DIY. So so much to do!
These are from the other day when I got to lay out by the pool. {another one of my rewards for a full day of school}

I'll come back soon with some previews of things to come^_^
lovies. Melisa

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