I was made for sunny days.

Well, we had a delightful turnout for the update. There are still a few new pieces left if you're still interested:) I woke up completely ready for this day! I have tons to do, including mailing out a very large load of shipments, but I love it!!
I've been downloading new "creating music" and it's the most inspiring. I would love to share it with you, which is quite rare of me. Here's one of my quirks: I'm really weird about sharing my music. Music is so special to me, and I associate certain songs with memories, or moments, or people so I really don't like when other people like the same song. haha. I know i'm nuts, but anyways! Perhaps, in order to take a step towards sharing, I could have a mix tape {CD} giveaway!! That might just be a good idea. Okay, i'll work on it and give you the details later on. :)
Here's something pretty for your Tuesday afternoon...

I hope you start your day on purpose; convinced that you are going to do something spectacular and life changing. 
xoxoo. Melisa

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