Giveaway #2

This giveaway includes: one hand-painted journal, one
mustache, one brooch, two Pie N' the Sky headbands, one
Pie N' the Sky feather headdress, one berkleyillustration
pin (with a raccoon) and one etsy button pin.

To enter, just sign your name in the comments and include
your email address and favorite thing to do in the summer:)
In case you missed it, there's another giveaway down below
that you can sign up for too:) You can enter to win both and
the winners will be announced in 48hrs!!
xo. Melisa


  1. My name is Lindsey Weber. Hmmm my favorite thing to do in the summer would be to go up north and spend every day on the lake, as well as going on summer missions trips <3 ! I love this giveaway Melisa, you are so gifted :)
    And my email is lilsquirt@wi.rr.com !

  2. Love how well your blog is coming along...envious and excited. Great job babe!

  3. Paulina Pizarro - paulina_pizarro2@yahoo.com
    Hey, girl!! Your stuff is so cute!! I'm even a regular reader of your blog.. :) it's super super cute! During the summer, I have to be honest that my favorite thing to do is just chill. Whether it's with my friends, family, boyfriend or by myself. Summer comes at the perfect time when you need some chill time the most! Love you, girl..keep going at it! :D

  4. Megan Quinn

    My fav summer time activity: Breaking out cute summer dresses and super cute jewelry and hitting the beach and outdoor shopping malls :)