Wake N Make

Good morning lovelies! So... I don't mean to disappear for long periods at a time, it just sort of happens.... oops. I won't leave you again for awhile. Promise.
This morning I woke up completely ready to work on the new update! I am SO excited to bring these new pieces into the shop. I think they're pretty amazing. I'm hoping for one of the largest updates of the season. I still have lots to work on, but I'm hoping it'll be at the end of next week. fingers crossed.
As of last night, I am a baker, ha. My sister and I baked a giant cupcake; Red Velvet with cream-cheese yumm! It was still a bit hot when I iced it so the frosting began to melt off. haha, it was still delicious though! We're making another one today, something a little prettier^_^

I also think we may be going cliff diving today. I've never been so I am quite nervous indeed. It just soooounds dangerous! Anything with the word "cliff" in it, for the most part, isn't too great. We'll see:)
I was also thinking about our next giveaway. I want it to be pretty, of course, and special... Do you have any ideas? I'll keep thinking and keep you posted.
Here's a peek at what's inspiring me today.


They're kind of magical, no? I think so. I'm gonna make some breakfast and get to work now.
xo. Melisa

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