DIY Summer Planner

I know you all were expecting this last night, but
time just got away from me {tsk tsk} please forgive
me. Now i'm here to show you a very easy and cute
DIY summer planner. I don't know about you, but
I love to plan and I love to make things so this is
just perfect. And plus a homemade calendar beats
out all those silly ones you can buy at the mall.
agreed? Okay, lets begin!

You will need:

colored cardstock
white printing paper {approx. 20 sheets}
a hole punch
pen or marker {I used a sharpie pen cause they're the best}
yarn or ribbon
colored tape {optional}

Step One:
Punch holes through the top of all your paper.
I did four holes.

Step Two:
Draw in your calendar months. I just did June through
August, but you can do all 12 if you want!

Step Three:
Draw in your calendar weeks. There are many ways to
do this. I chose to do two weeks on each page, side by side.

Step Four:
In between every week I placed a blank sheet of
paper for my to do lists:) I like them and I thought it would
be handy to include them. This is optional.

Step Five:
To make the back of your planner, cut out an interesting
border {you can get as creative as you'd like} and tape it
along the bottom edge of the back sheet of paper. If you'd
rather just use your piece of cardstock by itself that works
just as well. This is just a nice little decoration:)

Step Six:
Decorate your cover! I just put a strip of my fancy tape
and wrote Summer 2010. I'm a simple girl.

Step Seven:
Cut four strips of yarn {or ribbon}

and loop them through the top holes that we punched in
earlier. This will keep all your sheets together.

note: be sure to leave your loops wide enough so that
when you turn the pages they won't be too snug.

And voila! Your summer planner is complete. Enjoy:)

xoxoox. Melisa

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