Guest Blogger #1

Hello beautiful world of creativity!
May I just say that is is my complete honor to be your
guest? Please forgive me as I break into song….

“Be…our…guest! Be our guest! Get your worries off your
chest!...” Ten points for you if you recognize the movie =)

Once upon a time, this spark of a little girl when tippy toe-ing
around her brain and found a bit of yarn and frill, and so she
made some pretties. What a life for sweet Melisa, eh? I
think so too. Can we just take a moment to be thankful for
the simplicities of life? Honesty tells us life gets harder as
we move along the journey. This much is true, whether we
like it or not, but oh how lovely it is just to share those
moments when you actually can sit back and focus on why
it’s so wonderful being a girl.
We do not have to impress ourselves. We do that naturally.
Disappointment and mistakes only leave room for better
things. And we delight in the unknown and wonder of creativity.
Oh how thankful I am to be such a girl. Finding the joy in an
ugly day is truly a miracle if you think about it. So maybe we
are miracle workers? But of course we are! Oh this just keeps
getting better and better!
If you learn nothing else in life today, know this: this world is
truly your playground. Just pick your brain for creativity,
whatever shape it takes, and unleash the joy of the unknown
in your heart. The awesomeness just might surprise you. And
in case you’re wondering…yes, it’s totally real, totally raw,
and completely you! So go on, be a little goofy. Laugh a little
louder. And smile a little brighter. You never know who’s day
you are making.

Happy crafting all you lovlies!
Carol // Salt + Light

Carol is such a lovely person, as I'm sure you can tell.
She's terribly gifted and has her very own shop called
Salt + Light. You can also follow her blog here too! She
is full of inspiration and I consider myself very lucky to
have been blessed with her in my life. Hope you all
enjoyed our first guest blogger of the week.
There's more to come.
xoxo. Melisa

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