Something New.

Hi. I've been busy busy. I just realized my summer school ends in 19 days. I have to finish a week early though because of a sweet trip i'm taking to be in my beautiful friend's wedding! But that means in about 12 days I have to be done!! Eeep! I still have a total of 6 exams, and tons and bunches of lectures. Today I'm lockin in. I was really looking forward to working on a couple new projects, but it seems as though school wins.
Did I mention the new pretties I made yesterday are wonderful?? I've decided to share with you what i've been working on. Since I don't have a decent picture yet i'll just have to tell you. This next update I will be introducing a clothing line!! I have a few lovely pieces right now and am hoping to create a few more pretties before the next update^_^ I'm so excited for you to see!
I'm thinking we'll do the update July 6th. That's tentative, so keep checking back in case it changes!
I better hit the books now, but since I can't create, you should do it for me! Here's some inspiration...

Hugs and Kisses. Melisa

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